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FAQ Page

What the Association of Erotic Artists can offer:

Q) I am organising an arts event, festival and/or exhibition. Can the Association of Erotic Artists offer any help?

A) Yes. The Association of Erotic Artists can do much to help you put together a successful event. We can supply artworks for exhibition, guest speakers to talk on a wide range of topics e.g. 'Censorship' or 'Gender Issues within the Erotic Arts', offer promotional support, advice, workshops and more. Please email details of your event and what you would like from us and we will do our best to help.

Q) Do you charge a fee or ask for expenses?

A) A lot will depend upon the event etc. We would, were possible, look to reclaim expenses and expect that artworks be insured at your venue. We do have special terms for charity and community events etc.

Q) I am putting together a TV/Film production. Can you help?

A) The Association of Erotic Artists and its members have lots of experience facilitating TV and Film productions. For example - we can supply artworks, with necessary rights clearance, to dress a set. If you need to film artists at work, to create content for your production, we can help. Just email details or phone Chris on 07932 733424

Q) I am looking to hang artworks within the public areas of my company. Can you help?

A) Yes. We can arrange to supply artworks either on loan or for outright purchase. If you are looking for something special and unique for display within your company - why not consider specially commissioning one of our artists to create something to your brief? We can put you in touch with some of the finest artists working today.

Q) I teach/run an arts/photography course at University/college - can you provide guest lecturers or help with teaching material?

A) Yes. Many members of the Association have experience in teaching/lecturing. We can provide speakers to run workshops, give talks and put together lesson plans/teaching aids suited towards your particular course. Naturally - given the subject matter - we do tend to gear towards post 16 educational establishments.


Q) I see that the Association has a Book and DVD review section. Can I have my publication reviewed by the Association?

A) If your publication is based around the erotic arts or erotic fiction then yes the Association would consider reviewing your book or DVD. First email details of your book or DVD to

Q) What do you charge for having my publication reviewed?

A) There is no charge whatsoever to have your publication or DVD reviewed by the Association.

Q) Can I use the review on promotional material?

A) Yes. You are free to use the review as part of your promotional material so long as you credit the name of the reviewer and The Association of Erotic Artists. We would also request that you send us, for our own files, any examples of press releases, leaflets, promotional material etc where our reviews have been quoted.

A) How should I supply the material for review - can I send digital copies/PDF's?

Q) We do prefer hard copies for review, if possible. This allows the reviewer to comment upon print quality etc. If your publication is to be released in PDF format only then it is OK to send it as a PDF.


Q) Who can join the Association of Erotic Artists?

A) You will find a full list of artistic practices open to membership here.

Q) Is there a charge to have my membership application be put to the vote?

A) No - there is no charge for having your membership application being put to the vote. Membership fee is only asked if you are successful in the voting procedure and you accept membership.

Q) Does the Association have an equal opportunities policy?

A) Yes. The Association operates an equal opportunities policy. All are invited to apply for membership but work will be judged on merit alone without consideration of race, gender, creed or sexual orientation - though, due to the nature of the artworks, membership is only open to those over 18.

Q) Do you have any other criteria?

A) Yes.The following should be noted:

1) The Association will not accept work that depicts persons under the age of 18. Where there is any doubt proof of the models age will be asked to be submitted for verification.

2) We are looking for examples of original erotic artworks and not, as an example, 'Glamour Photography.'

3) You must be the rightful copyright holder of, or have permission to use, any work submitted - including part works or material used within montage etc.

4) We are looking for artworks of a professional, high-quality standard - though you need not be a full-time professional artist to be considered for membership.

5) When assessing work we look at technical ability, originality and intellectual intent.

Q) How do I apply to be considered for membership?

A) Artists are invited to submit 6 examples of their work, via email, in JPEG format. Writers are invited to supply extracts of work, poems, short stories or list of publications. Other groups such as galleries, performers etc should contact the Association for more details.