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Creative Glamour DVD. Produced by 2008. BBFC Certification - 'E' Exempt from certification. Running Time - 130 min. PAL. 4x3.

Creative Glamour is produced by FilmPhotoAcademy and is one of a series of discs produced around themes such as Creative Nude and Fine Art Nude.

Each DVD is presented by Simon Walden - an award winning, published and exhibited, Cheltenham based, professional photographer. As a presenter, Walden is clear, articulate, softly but confidently spoken and enthusiastic about his craft; he keeps you watching.

Claimed to be directed towards the art side of glamour photography and not the ‘lad’s mag look’, this 2 disc set features nine studio bound themes entitled: Industrial Hot and Sweaty, Shower Scene, Blue Drapes, Kitchen Peek, Corridor, Off the Wall, Glamour Fashion, Chained Up and Wet Drape. There are also chapters offering advise on Where to Find Inspiration, Finding Models and more technical themes such as Studio Lighting Equipment which also covers the use of lighting attachments such as barn doors, brollies, snoots, reflectors and how best to use a flash meter. Aside from the technical aspects of a shoot there is advice on communicating with models, directing them during a shoot and keeping the energy alive.

Each section follows a pattern; a brief montage of the set being created followed by the shoot itself, a review of the resultant images and a detailed breakdown of the lighting used. This last section is particularly well presented and informative and is worth the cost of the DVD alone.

There are some extra features listed in the DVD menu but, given a glitch on the preview disc, I couldn’t gain access to them on any of the players on which I tried to view them, so I cannot comment upon them.

The website has extra material to go with each DVD, including some well thought out lighting plans for each themed shoot – this is a welcome addition and added value.

This particular title does try to make a distinction between ‘glamour’ and ‘creative glamour,’ which I did find a little bit strained and tenuous, but it is fun to watch and informative and many of the skills on display here can be transferred to other genre. I was a little uncomfortable with the way the camera lingered over the models at times, particularly the girl oiling up for a shot, as this did push it into voyeurism and out of place in an instructional DVD aimed away from the 'lads mag' audience.

There is a lot on offer to photographers, who would like to increase their knowledge of shooting in a studio, even though they might not consider themselves ‘glamour’ photographers – so don’t be put off by the title. Whilst similar material is on offer elsewhere – the strength of this series of DVD’s is entirely down to Walden and the enthusiastic and confident manner in which he delivers each set piece.

Review by Christopher John Ball


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