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Press Release 2012

‘The Association of Erotic Artists’ celebrates its ninth year campaigning for acceptance of erotic art.

‘The Association of Erotic Artists’ is proud of its commitment to the media, answering and representing a point of view for the press to use as a sounding board. “We have a varied mix of media confident spokespeople who can discuss a wide range of topics encompassing the whole genre of erotic art with the press.” says Christopher John Ball, who with Paul Woods co-founded ‘The Association of Erotic Artists.’

With threats from censorship and intolerance towards depictions of sexuality on the increase, from Governmental and religious bodies, it is important that artists working within the erotic genre are represented and given a voice to allow for a balanced perspective within any media debate.

With members in all of the UK’s major cities ‘The Association of Erotic Artists’ can contribute opinion, often at short notice, within all forums of the media, offering guidance and points of reference on a wide variety of genres that make up the new “erotic art movement” and providing counter argument on topics such as censorship and attacks on freedom of speech from the likes of Christian Voice and MediawatchUK.

‘The Association of Erotic Artists’ ever growing membership is a mixture of established artists and fresh emerging talent from all around the globe. “It’s a huge strength having members from such diverse social spectrums and it really adds to the belief that erotica is a global expression yet is as individual as the audience it seeks.” The Association accepts artists working in all forms of creative erotica including painting, sculpture, photography, performance, cinema and literature and operates an equal opportunities policy. All are invited to apply for membership but work will be judged on merit alone without consideration of race, gender or sexual orientation.

The Association and its members operates and promotes good business practice and is in no way affiliated to the exploitation industry.

Membership is not something that simply comes with payment of an annual fee. The work of any potential new member is first put forward to all existing members in a vote. A democratic process which is unique in this genre and it is from this, along with its proactive stance on mentoring and support network, which the Association draws its strength as a collective and why membership is prized. ‘The Association of Erotic Artists’ works hard to make erotic art accessible. Its membership is very proactive and regularly provides content for a wide variety of publications, exhibitions and often facilitates TV programmers.

When you are next looking for articulate contributors, researching your latest project or in need of erotic art/artists be sure to make ‘The Association of Erotic Artists’ your first port of call - consider us as your one stop content shop.

‘The Association of Erotic Artists’

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